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Yesterday Once More

Yesterday Once More is an entertaining tribute to the songs that defined the decades.

Whether we're 19 or 99 the songs of our youth stir our sweetest memories.

These hits from the 40's -70's will bring you back to those special moments that have lasted a lifetime.


Renee sings spot on covers from  Doris Day, Vera Lynn, Connie Francis and Patty Page to Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Karen Carpenter and Barbra Streisand. Even Elvis and Bobby Darin.

Of course she also serves up her altered renditions of favorites like "Unforgettable" (I'm Forgetful),  Put Your Head on my Shoulder (It's No Fun To Get Older). Even disco days get a make over with "I will Survive" (I Will Eat Pie), and YMCA (AARP).

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