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Renee Christine Hein has been entertaining audiences for nearly 2 decades in everything from full stage productions, to her start up trio, her new duet show and her solo musical comedy show.

In 2006 Renee launched her first professional singing group Tres Bella performing for parties and holiday gatherings. The trio mastered an Andrew Sisters Revue and changed their name to the Legacy Girls. 

After 10 years of success entertaining  across Chicagoland and sending countless veterans off with their Honor Flight Celebration. Renee retired from the group to start her solo career as Renee Christine Hein.

As a soloist Renee  can take you from the smooth alto of Karen Carpenter to the playful stylings of Dolly Parton touching on diverse genres from every decade. 

 Renee is not limited to crooning the classics in their original form, but has crowds rolling in the aisles with her hilarious parodies of songs everybody knows - but never heard like this before! Renee's lyrical remakes have become her trademark bringing levity to longevity. You have to hear it to believe it. 

Here's just a few testimonials from past audience members.


"Our residents absolutely loved her!"

"Renee is our most requested entertainer."

"The first time in 10 years I haven't fallen asleep during the entertainment..."

"I knew she could sing but I didn't realize how funny she was!"

With custom shows for every occasion and audience,


contact us to find out how Renee can add to the joy of your event.

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