A Fun Filled

Romp through the music of the 50's-60's!

Renee Christine logo.png

It was a time of Bobby Darin, Bobby Socks & Sock Hops.

Rock was Around the Clock and Rolled into the Jailhouse.

Everyone knew those boots were made for walking and that there was

A Whole Lotta of Shakin' going on.

The musical landscape was never the same...

Join Renee for a nostalgic tour through those unforgettable years

with songs just like you remember.

But if you thought the era couldn't be more fun,

you better hold onto your beehive

for Renee's remixes like

​"Splish Splash I Just Had a Hot Flash."

And get ready when she calls the whole cell block to dance to the "Biological Clock."

This is a seriously fun show.